We will follow the NCFCA dress code with an exception for Juniors and Beginners. Please be aware that ALL competitors (including Juniors) MUST stay in tourney attire until the conclusion of the Closing/Awards Ceremony.


NCFCA’s dress code is intended to glorify Christ, to promote professionalism, and to maximize the focus on the development of ideas and communication skills.

Gentlemen - Gentlemen shall wear either:
1. A suit, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes
2. Sport coat, dress shirt, tie, dress slacks, and dress shoes.

Ladies - Ladies shall wear either:
1. A Pant/skirt suit, dress blouse (or top), and dress shoes
2. Suit-type jacket, dress pants/skirt, dress blouse(or top), and dress shoes
3. A dress (sleeveless dresses require a suit-type jacket.)
Hemlines on skirts and dresses must fall to middle of the knee.

A student who is out of dress code is not permitted to compete. Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in a warning and requirement to change into compliant attire. No accommodations will be made if the student misses a round due to the need to change clothes.

Beginners and Juniors: Modesty guidelines apply; however, boys do not need to wear a suitcoat, sweater, or tie. Slacks and a dress shirt are acceptable.