If you have a student competing, you are what is called a parent judge.

Any parent can fulfill the tourney requirement as the family judge. You will enter your name as the judge that will fulfill the judge recruitment requirement in the student registration process. Please fill in your name for all the rounds required. These required rounds may be more or less than you will actually judge, but this is how we need to work with this computer system!

If an extra parent is coming to the tourney, please have that parent register as a judge through the judge registration process.

Parents, please check in at the judges’ table when you arrive. You will be given your judging assignments for the tourney. This will help you determine which judges’ training you need to attend! Judge training is offered at the beginning of every round. However, you will only need to attend speech judging training once, debate judge training once, etc.

You will probably judge about half of the rounds in which your child (or children) is competing. However, based on how many community judges we have, we may ask you to judge more. Please check in at the Judges' Lounge at the beginning of every round- even if you are not scheduled to judge. We may still need you due to unforeseen judging changes! Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

If you have any questions about judging, please feel free to contact our Judge Coordinator, Kelly Wallpe, at quovadislaf@gmail.com